Connie Ramirez de la Espriella is no ordinary artist. Hailing from Neiva, capital of El Huila Department, in South American Colombia, this talented lady has no fear when it comes to exploring new trends and taking her art to higher peaks. What helps her trespass the realms of imagination every time she embarks in a new work of art is reminiscing on the memories from her childhood that have remained within her.

“I have vivid images of family vacations to my grandmother’s farmland taken during my childhood and teenage years,” says Connie. “Even back then I knew that one day I’d be representing on my canvases such breathtaking landscapes, colorful flowers, my country’s heartbeat and nature’s wonders.”

The artist married at a very young age and became a mother almost immediately. “I knew that my dream to become an artist had to be put on hold; so, I decided that for my girl and for myself I needed to finish my college education.”